about chalkboard chickens

Our Story

Our love affair with the chickens began when we first saw them in Real Mother Goose in Portland. We frequented RMG and knew that we had to have one (someday). After 2-3 years of looking, we received one for a wedding present from our parents who had subsequently fallen in love with them as well, and knew we wanted one. After that we still loved to look at the chickens every time we were in Portland as they are one of a kind and always different, and now we needed one for "Mom".

One day, as was usual for any one of us while visiting Portland, "Mom" went to the gallery and there were no chickens. We all flew to Alaska shortly after that and checked the airport gallery to see if there were any chickens in that store. To our surprise Lynn was no longer making them and "Mom" didn't have a chicken! When we inquired further, we learned the business was for sale. When the sales person asked if we wanted Lynn to have our name, we all said, "yes" without hesitation. Four art lovers with two of us being artists ourselves, how could we resist?

By the time we landed in Alaska, before even talking to Lynn, we had a company name, logo and everything else you might need for the job except for knowing where we would get the time, what was involved in the job, or who Lynn was. We loved the chickens, and we just knew it would be no problem. The chickens had to live on. We talked to Lynn while we were in Alaska, set up a meeting and the rest is history. We came home and remodeled our horse barn (now the chicken barn) and produced the chickens until 2010.

In that year, the business just became a little to much for us to handle with everything else we had going on in our lives. It was a hard decision, but we decided to sell the business. Fortunately our Aunt and Uncle in California were looking for something to do and the business was passed on to them. They were the caretakers of our whimiscal heritage for 7 years.

In 2017, they decided it was time to take a break from chicken production. We decided to offer to purchase the business back from them, and thankfully they accepted. We always knew we would eventually get the business back and were just waiting for the day it would happen. Honestly we began missing it almost as soon as we sold it. Of all the businesses we have owned, this has always been our favorite.

They are now being produced back on our property in Southern Oregon. We have put the chicken barn back the way it was and our kids are now older and at ages where they can all help make them. It is so much fun to work with all of our kids in the chicken barn making our lovely ladies. We plan on making them here for a good long while and hope that when we are ready to retire, one of our kids will take them over. But for the foreseeable future, we will be handmaking each of our unique and lovable girls and sending them across the country to be shared with you.

We are so happy that our chickens have come home to roost.

Erich & Cynthie Mosier