About Chalkboard Chickens

Chalkboard Chickens in the studioHand crafted with a purposeful flair and a strong sense of humor, our love affair with the chickens has a long and rich history. First spotted in the Real Mother Goose gallery in Portland, my aunt fell in love with the comical birds. On every trip to Portland my aunt and uncle visited the gallery and when the enterprise became available they bought it. Converting their Oregon barn into a ceramic chicken coop, within a few weeks they were in business.

Over the course of the next 10 years, my husband and I watched as they brought the chickens to life. Custom painting, feather boas, high-heels, and even rain boots transformed each chicken into a unique and lovable piece of art. When retirement neared and the promise of travel beckoned, my aunt and uncle didn’t have to look far to find someone who loved the chickens as much as they did.

As the newest member of the chalkboard chicken family, we are proud to be caretakers of this whimsical heritage. With a tradition of handmade artisanship, we look forward to sharing our chickens with you!

The Pilgrims